My First Mother's Day

I kind of forgot about my blog there for a little bit.... But my first Mother's Day had to blogged about. I am a huge birthday and Christmas person, but I have to admit the anticipation for this new holiday was huge! I couldn't believe there was a holiday where you get presents that I hadn't been a part of! Needless to say I was super excited. I woke up Sunday morning and hung out with Presley for a while before we had to get ready for church. We headed to church and got to see Dada, and our BF's Lauren and Max. My sister Bethany met us at church with her new "sorta" boyfriend Jordan. After church it was back to my house for my FAVORITE ribs for lunch! My Mom and Dad came over and brought the food from Rib City.... then my favorite part.. PRESENTS!!! I got a gorgeous diamond and sapphire ring from my hubs and Presley. Sapphire is Presley's birthstone. My parents got us a Red Lobster gift card.... my 2 faves, jewelry and food:) I had an amazing mother's day and am so happy that I am Presley's mama. She is the most incredible little girl anyone could ever ask for!

Here is a picture of Presley and I am our BF's Lauren and Max on Mother's day!

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