Daddy's Girl

I am a horrible blogger! I think about it all the time... but my access to a computer is limited during the day. I have got to get better at this! Anywho....
Presley is such a Daddy's girl! I'm not gonna lie... it kind of hurt my feeling in the beginning.. b/c I was like, I am home with you ALL day.. I bath you, feed you, play with you and you say "dada"?!?! Not acceptable! Presley totally lights up when her daddy comes home from work. When I get her out of bed in the morning and finish nursing her.. she sits up, looks at the door and says, Dada! Dada! Dada! Now that I have gotten over that initial stage of resentment:) I am glad she is a daddy's girl b/c I am know how amazing daddys are.. b/c I too am a daddy's girl. I am 26 years old and somehow my dad still has a way of making everything all better. My dad treated me and my sisters like princesses, he took care of our needs, he fixed all our problems, and fought battles we couldn't fight for ourselves. My husband always jokes and says.."remind me to thank your dad for setting the bar so high.. he makes me look bad:)" That is the kind of dad BT wants to be to Presley.. He says it is b/c he doesn't ever want a guy to measure up to her daddy so maybe she'll never get married and live at home forever:) haha! I am glad that Presley is a daddy's girl.. she has an amazing dad that I know will always treat her like a princess. I just hope that like me and my mom, Presley and I can be best friends.. then I'll be fine with her daddy being her hero:)

Love at first sight!

SO happy to see dada when he gets home from work!

Here are some pics of me and MY daddy

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Sarah said...

Presley looks a lot like you baby pic!

Carrie Rollins said...

So Sweet!!!! I need to meet this little one of yours!!!

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