Father's Day

This was BT's first Father's day.. We went to church Sunday morning, then came home and ate lunch then BT had to go back to church. I am so incredible lucky to have such an amazing husband.. who is also an amazing dad!
Here was the present Presley and I made for BT:
Presley and Dada:
On Monday we went to my parents house so I could celebrate Father's day with MY dad! We had a cookout, ate homemade ice cream, and Presley swam in her pool:)
Presley stole an oreo off my sundae and LOVED it!

Swim time!

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Carrie Rollins said...

Oh my Gosh! What a cutie buttutie!!!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

BRIT!!! This is soo cute! I LOVE the frame and the oreo pics and Presley's bootie! I need me some Presley!!Miss you!

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