Presley's first flight!

Last week Presley and I flew to Arkansas for Rachel's (one of my best friends from college) wedding. It was Presley's first time flying and I was super anxious about it b/c it was going to be just the two of us. BT was not there to help out or to pawn Presley off on when she starting getting fussy on the plane. (I am not a fan of dirty looks from strangers!) but she did great! No problems... She was all in the business of the person next to us... But can you blame her... The airlines practically has you on eachothers lap! We flew into Little Rock and hit the ground running.... Lingerie shower, hotel, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, bed..wake up, bridesmaid luncheon, get ready, pictures, wedding, reception, bed... Home! Crazy!! But SO much fun! It is always amazing and such a blessing to see my friends. The only bad thing is... Once I see them I forget how much I miss them... And it makes it even harder to go home. However they are the types of friends that I know we will be in eachothers lives forever! I love y'all!!

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