I'm BACK! Its been WAY too long!

Let's see.. it has been over a year since I have blogged! There are many reasons... my then, precious 10 month old is now a very rambunctious, active 2 year old and I am 21 weeks pregnant with our second child, a boy (hopefully mellow). The third reason, my computer access is limited.. and last but not least, I'm lazy, plain and simple! j/k but at the end of night.. i'm not super in the mood to write.
I'm going to do a quick update of the past year in pictures: (the are kinda in reverse) Oops!

Presley turned 2 last weekend, and it was a candy themed party. (more about that later) I can't believe she is so big. She def. keeps me on my toes. Just today she hit BT with her baby, and he said "Presley! No hitting" she said, "It was baby, she go in time out..no hitting baby, bad girl, time out now!" She then proceeded to put her baby in time out and then made her apologize to daddy for hitting.. she always finds away around the rules:) A little too clever!
Here is my big girl:

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Glad your back! Congrats on baby #2! I'm hoping that my girl that's on the way will be my mellow one. Or at least maybe she'll sleep before she's a year old!

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